CE OPPORTUNITY November 1 – 3, 2017

Quality Milk Production Services Presents


Assessing Udder Health Opportunities:
Key Performance Indicators and Monitoring


  • Establishing udder health and milk quality goals.
  • Develop a science based approach to monitoring people, milking equipment, facilities and cows as it
    relates to herd goals.

Course size: 20

Course length: 3 days (14 hours –classroom time)   


Level: Intermediate to advanced

Location: College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Dairy Barn, 225 Tulip Tree Road Ithaca, NY 14853

Intended audience: milk quality consultants, dairy producers, milking equipment personnel, milk inspectors and veterinarians

Required: Boots and coveralls

Content: Flow charts used to systematically evaluate udder health utilizing key performance indicators (KPI’s) to identify management factors contributing to the problem.
Monitoring the milking center for equipment, milker and shift-to-shift performance are aspects of milking that need to be observed routinely in order to identify udder health risks. The basics of milking machine function will be evaluated by application of the NMC Vacuum and Airflow methods. Cow side evaluations prior to, during and immediately after milking will be made to determine the impact of the milking machine, milkers and facilities on the risk of mastitis. Cow side evaluations made during milking include the following:  1) Udder hygiene, 2) Teat end cleanliness, 3) milking routine timing, 4) milk flow curves 5) average claw vacuum during peak milk flow, 6) milking unit alignment, 7) post milking hand strip yields, 8) teat scoring (Teat Club International), 9) graph pulsators, 10) NMC equipment evaluation, 11) housing/facilities Risk Assessment and 12) DC305(Parlor Watch) analysis of milk flow curves, milking time variables and monitoring daily parlor reports for milking shift consistency .
Development and support of a milk quality team to monitor people, milking equipment, facilities and cows will aid in providing useful feedback to the dairy producer. Completing an udder health risk assessment and milking time audit as outlined above will allow ownership/management to develop SOP’s to maintain or improve milk quality.

Official New York State CE Credit and RACE applied for. 

Assessing Udder Health Opportunities: Key Performance Indicators and Monitoring Agenda


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Course location: Vet Teaching Dairy – 225 Tulip Tree Road Ithaca, NY 14853

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