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Cornell Dairy Center of Excellence

The Cornell Dairy Center of Excellence connects the over 100 faculty and staff at Cornell with expertise in the dairy industry. These faculty and staff engage in research, extension outreach and teaching and come from departments across the university. The goals of the DCOE include facilitating research collaboration, enhancing the visibility of dairy expertise at Cornell, and improving teaching and the dairy education experience for both students and stakeholders, within and beyond our land-grant colleges.


Cornell Dairy Plant Co-Op

A Cornell Dairy Plant Co-Op membership allows you to have special pricing on Cornell Dairy products while supporting the Cornell Community. A LIFETIME membership is only $15!! This gets you a discounted rate on products and a special Cornell Dairy insulated bag. Read more
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Blake Nguyen

Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Read more

Heather Huson

Animal Science Read more

Gerlinde Van de Walle

Baker Institute for Animal Health Read more

Yung-Fu Chang

Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Read more
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News & Videos

Dairy execs meeting at Cornell don’t skim over World Milk Day, June 1, 2017

What better whey to celebrate World Milk Day (June 1) and National Dairy Month but to drink milk, enjoy dairy products and figure how to make more. Read more

Say cheese: Cornell lifts New York cheese market, July 26, 2017

Step into your local supermarket and chances are the cheese section looks vastly different than it did just a few years ago. Read more

Food Waste Could Be Important New Clean Energy Source, June 30, 2017

Researchers at Cornell University have found a new way to capture nearly all of the energy in a food waste product, leaving little behind to fill a landfill. Read more

Cornell engineers transform food waste into green energy, June 13, 2017

In a classic tale of turning trash into treasure, two different processes soon may be the favored dynamic duo to turn food waste into green energy, according to a new Cornell-led study in the journal Bioresource Technology. Read more
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