Spring Seminar Series 2018

Cornell Dairy Center of Excellence Spring Seminar Series – 2018   This twice monthly seminar series covers a broad range of dairy industry topics such as preventative medicine and herd health, dairy production management, food safety, epidemiology, worker training, industry relations and more. Seminar speakers will include Cornell faculty and invited guests. Want to propose a topic or speaker for an upcoming semester? Contact elizabeth.goldberg@cornell.edu   All seminars will be held Mondays from 4-5 PM in Lecture Hall 1 (S1-166). Click on topic title to join by Zoom or click on past topic titles to view recorded seminar.


Date Speaker Department Topic
Jan 29 Angel Abuelo

College of Veterinary Medicine,
Michigan State University

“Transition cow management and calf health on Australian pasture-baseddairy farm”

Feb 12 Curt Gooch Animal Science

“A novel approach to all-Season ventilation for pre-weaned calf barns”

Feb 26 Athena Kirk Classics “The meaning of milk in ancient Greece and today”
Mar 12 Klibs Galvao College of Veterinary Medicine,
University of Florida
“The use of chitosan microparticles to prevent and treat metritis in dairy cows”
Mar 26 Gerlinde Van de Walle Baker Institute for Animal Health “Bovine mammary stem cells and their secretome: why do we care?”
Apr 9 John L. Vicini Monsanto Company “Sustainability of GMO Crops”
Apr 23

Graduate Student Presentations:


Asha Miles (Heather Huson)

Animal Science

“A genetic and epidemiological analysis of the relationships among udder and teat conformation, mastitis, and mammary microbiota”


Cora Best (Kimberly O’ Brien)

Nutritional Sciences

“Vitamin D metabolism during human pregnancy: New insights and clinical implications”


Rachel Evanowski (Martin Wiedmann)

Food Science

“Increasing producer profitability through farm level interventions designed for optimization of spore counts in raw milk.”

May 7 Jessica McArt Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Hypocalcemia in postpartum dairy cows: good or bad?

Reminder, take the series for credit by registering for VTPMD 7081

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