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Cornell Dairy Center of Excellence

The Cornell Dairy Center of Excellence connects over 100 faculty and staff at Cornell with expertise in the dairy industry. These faculty and staff engage in research, extension outreach, and teaching, and come from departments across the university. The goals of the DCOE include facilitating research collaboration, enhancing the visibility of dairy expertise at Cornell, and improving teaching and the dairy education experience for both students and stakeholders within and beyond our land-grant colleges.


Promote Dairy in New York State!

Volunteers needed for the udder miracles of the Dairy Birthing Center and to sell Cornell Ice Cream. Sign up today! Read more
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Laura Goodman

Assistant Research Professor, Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences • AHDC, Room A3108 • (607) 253-3631 •

Rodrigo Carvalho Bicalho

Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Read more

Roy Posmanik

Biological and Environmental Engineering Read more
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News & Videos

Researchers weigh the tradeoffs of antimicrobial policies in dairy production

Dairy farmers use antibiotics to keep their herds healthy and production high. At the same time, these treatments threaten to harm public health through the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Read more

Food scientists turn cheddar orange in a green whey

Cornell food scientists have found an infusion process to give cheddar cheese its consumer-pleasing orange color. Read more

Chobani Foundation, Cornell team to support N.Y. dairy students

New York state students interested in dairy farming careers will get a boost thanks to a new scholarship program from the Chobani Foundation and Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Read more

Dairy farmer Nate Chittenden receives first Hometown Alumni Award

To see why Nate Chittenden ’00 was the perfect choice to receive the inaugural Cornell University Hometown Alumni Award, you had to look no further than the beaming, multigenerational community of family, neighbors and friends who came to the celebratory event honoring him June 23 in Stuyvesant, New York. Read more
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